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Wow, our post schedule is pretty messed up but, here is this weeks "Tasty Thriftiness" post.

This week is all about Rosemary at Troy's blog,I Refuse to Recede.

Rosemary is one of my favorite herbs! Unfortunately we live in a zone area that does not allow our rosemary to come back each year. But, we ALWAYS get a new plant every spring.

One of my favorite things to use rosemary for is oddly enough, not the use of the leaves. After I pluck the leaves off to use for something, I love to use the stem. If you pierce your chicken (to make a small hole through it) and then insert a Rosemary stem, the rosemary lightly infuses the chicken from the inside out. I have use some of the thicker stems to skewer different shish-kabobs.

In early times, Rosemary was freely cultivated in kitchen gardens and came to represent the dominant influence of the house mistress 'Where Rosemary flourished, the woman ruled.
(Hum, no wonder I like it so much! LOL)

Rosemary was one of the cordial herbs used to flavour ale and wine. It was also used in Christmas decoration.
'Down with the rosemary and so,
Down with the baies and mistletoe,
Down with the holly, ivie all
Wherewith ye deck the Christmas Hall.'

One of my favorite breads is the one served at The Macaroni Grill. Their Rosemary bread is so yummy! Here are a couple of "copy-cat" recipes.
Bake in Oven Recipe
Bread Machine Recipe

Don't forget a little herbed Olive Oil for dipping the bread in!
Carrabba's "copy cat" Herb Oil for dipping bread recipe

For the full story about Rosemary, head over and read this article HERE!

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