Reuse- Empty Pill bottles

Do you reuse empty pill bottles? I do. With all the herbs we have and dry, we like to make up our special blends and then use the empty bottle for them. Just label and you are good to go.

Here are other ideas to reuse empty pill bottles:

* Store herbs

* To-go Crayon bottles

* (smaller bottles) tooth pick holder for your purse or in the car

* BandAid keeper (once again for your purse/car)

* small travel size sewing kit

* Little barretts or ponytail holders

* small game pieces

* Fishhook Keeper (in a tackle box)

* Keep all those extra buttons that come with new clothes in

* little Arts & crafts items

* In the toolbox (nails, washers etc.)

* use to keep jewelry pieces in when you travel (prevents tangling)

* And here is a blogger that got creative with them. Check it out HERE!

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