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Lynnae at "being frugal.net" posted a nice little reminder for all of us that not every deal or bargain is right for us. Check out the post HERE.

I see all kinds of great deals and it takes everything I have sometimes to walk away from them. Unless it is something I really want or need, or it would make a perfect gift for someone on my gift list, I force myself to pass it up. It is not easy! I LOVE to find a great bargain. But, something I discovered was those bargains can cause me future stress. I don't need it so, it gets put some where. Then I need that space for something and I move that bargain again. I feel too guilty to just throw it away and I don't know any one who needs it. So, I keep shuffling it around. I soon resent that bargain! It ends up being donated. Which is okay, but it just shows me that I should not have taken advantage of that awesome bargain, because for me, it wasn't a bargain at all. And I just wasted money that would have benefited my family in some other way.

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