My Walgreens Trip

I headed to Walgreens to pick up my free 8x10 print and my 25 for .25 cents prints and then picked up a few of their weekly deals. I didn't go through the store and take advantage of all the clearanced items. I just really wanted to take advantage of the coupon items and items that were on sale that I had coupons to match. However, I did buy 2 of the New SoftSoap Nutri Serums Body Nourishing Wash. It was on sale for $3.99 (WAY more than I would normally pay!) however, it was a RR for $4.00. So, I received $8.00 in RR.

So, everything else I had an additional coupon for and stacked it with the Walgreens coupons.

I bought:

2 Softsoap Body wash
2 cans of super Stack Pringles
2 boxes of Hefty One Zip gallon size bags
2 Mens Degree deodorant
2 Milkyway Bars
1 can of Lindsay Black Olives
1 jar of Lindsay Green Olives
1 Scotch mailing envelope
1 Palmolive Oxy plus dish detergent

Total $4.21 after RR's (I spent $12.21 and then received $8.00 back in RR so, final cost was $4.21)

The Softsoap Body wash RR had a limit of one per transaction. My hubby was with me so he purchased one for me as well so, that's how I ended up with another $4.00 RR avaiable to use on my next trip.

Besides the Softsoap body wash, the mailing envelope and the two Milkyway bars ended up being free.

I'm trying to slowly build up my pantry for all the upcoming holidays. Thanksgiving and Christmas will be here before I know it so, I try to start getting "Holiday" exclusive items gradually for super, super cheap or free. So, that's where the olives will be going. I am an Ebayer, so I constantly need the padded mailers to ship out books. And although I normally buy cheapo zipper bags for everyday use, the better quality ones are needed for freezing all the fresh fruit and veggies that are at an all time low at farm markets right now. The Body Washes, deodorant and dish soap all go into my storage. Pringles and Milkyways? Please! Like they would make it into storage! LOL

Here is some more news regarding Walgreens, thanks to Moms By Heart, I found out that Walgreens is also having a special 4 day sale starting 8/19 - 8/22. Check out the details by clicking the link to Moms By heart above!

When you head into the store armed with your coupons, go up and down the aisles and look for the clearanced items. I saw a lot of good deals in all different departments that had clearanced stickers on them.

I wish I would have held off with my shopping trip so I could take advantage of this 4 day sale. Oh well.

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