Make Something Monday- Beach Blanket

Make your own beach towel. You know the ones that have a vinyl backing to them. Grab an old blanket or start watching for some at yard/garage sales or thrift stores. Then go to the dollar store and buy either a vinyl shower curtain or if they have the flannel backed tablecloths, that works great too.

Then but both right sides together and sew all the way around and leave a spot unsewn to turn it rightside out. I hand tacked a few spots through the middle of the blanket to help keep it together. Kind of like doing a hand tied quilt. Then sew up the small opening you have left and you are done!

These blankets are great for the beach or the park for picnics. I also like to keep one in the car/truck in case you have to lay on the ground to fix something or check something out.

They are also handy if you are at an outside event and it starts to sprinkle lightly. Makes for a very nice "snuggle" moment :

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  1. what a great idea! We love to go to the beach here.


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