Herbed Vinegar

I love flavored vinegar. I have been making my own herbed vinegar for years. First off, they are so pretty to look at on my dining room shelf and second, they are delicious! When you make them yourself, you get to choose what flavors you want. And the flavor selections are all most endless!

Growing my own herbs opens up huge options for different herbed vinegars. When I add different herbs each year to my garden I always think of vinegar possibilities.

Years ago, at an estate sale I bought a box of tall beautiful crystal jars. I use those to make my vinegars. I get fresh cork stoppers each year and use ribbon and a "paint sample" as a label for each bottle.

To make your own herbed vinegars, here is what you will need:

* clean jars or lids with tight fitting lids or corks
* Herbs, seasonings, or any other flavors you may like to try.
* Vinegars (you can use white, apple cider vinegar, red wine vinegar or rice vinegar)

Some basic rules of thumb on how to make an herbed vinegar are:

* 1/4 cup of herbs to 1 cup of vinegar
* If using garlic or peppers, use one of these to 1 cup of vinegar.
* Place herbs in jars and pour the vinegar over the herbs.
* Seal tightly
* place herbed vinegars in a dark place for about a month.
* Use and enjoy
* If kept tightly closed, your herbed vinegars will last up to a year.

You can also warm the vinegar and pour it over the herbs. This will release the herbs flavor faster. I rarely do this.

A lot of people don't wait the month, but, personally, I found when I waited, the flavor is fuller. You can strain out your herbs if you want, and then add a couple of fresh sprigs to the vinegar. This is generally just for decoration. However, when you use the vinegar to the point of exposing herbs with no vinegar covering it, you should remove the herbs at that point. Don't let them sit in your jar.

Don't forget to play around with flavors. You can include berries such as raspberries or blackberries.

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