Help Keeping Cool

During the hot summer nights, if you don't have A/C, it can be a long and miserable night. One of the tips I learned from camping but, can easily be applied at home is to sleep on an air mattress. The whole air temperature circulating kind of thing keeps your body cooler.

So, on a hot night, drag out the air mattress. Set it up in the living room and have an old fashion PJ party!

My husband and I used to do this on a fairly regular basis. Although we didn't do it because it was too hot. We couldn't afford little getaways so, we would kind of create our own. We would blow up the air mattress, make the bed all comfy and inviting, light some candles, put a movie on and just snuggle up together. It felt like a different place and it gave us a mini "night away".

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