Wow, it has been a long time since I wrote a Gratituesday post! You would think I haven't been grateful for anything. So, not true!

This past Spring and Summer has been one weird time. Our life has been a series of weirdness. Even though nothing has really felt "normal", we have still come through everything relatively unscathed. Which is amazing!

We have been dealing with court dates, meetings with lawyers, financial strain, physical pain, mental and emotional beatings and not to mention just the every day problems of life. But, we are still a happy little family.

At some point you have to let it all go. This is so NOT my strong suit! But, some how, through the Grace of God I have learned some valuable lessons.

Lessons learned:

* I can only do so much, then I must leave it up to a higher power

* These problems/situations are not my fault - stop blaming myself for things not in my control

* Having good communication with my husband is what will get us through these times.

* I have the best family and friends that one person could ever have.

* Patience

* Letting go and being silly is a great skill to get through tough times.

* I will never have this day back again, don't abuse it.

* allowing myself to have little "Mini Breakdowns" from time to time clears out a lot of ugly baggage.

That is what I am grateful for, these lessons learned.

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  1. It sounds like a trying situation and you definitely have learned some valuable lessons. I am learning my share of those this summer myself. I hope your coupon class goes well and I appreciate your thoughts and comment.


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