A few Walgreens Clearance deals!

I did a Walgreens run Thursday night and man oh man did I get some awesome clearanced items! These were not sale or coupon items, just good old clearance deals!

Here are a few of them. I have more to post but, I will do that tomorrow when I get time to take pictures.

Both the Hubs and I have issues with our left knee and we are always wrapping either a heating pad or ice packs around them for the pain. When I found this clearanced "Multi purpose Wrapz" that is normally priced at $14.99 clearanced to $3.49, I had the manager call the other local Walgreens stores in my area to see if they had any left. Unfortunately no one did. Bummer!

Apparently Walgreens is no longer going to carry Bubble Gum flavor Pedialyte. These are normally priced at $5.49 a bottle. They were clearanced to $1.39 a bottle at my Walgreens!

They also are getting rid of their 4 pack Single Serving Walgreens Pediatric Electrolyte bottles in the Fruit Flavor. These are normally $3.49 and were at clearance for $1.09! As with the above Pedialyte bottles, these single serving packs don't expired until late 2010 so they are a great thing for me to have handy in my Food Storage/Pantry.

"Diann's Mountain of Gum" LOL. The packages of the Mint Medley Dentene gum are regular price $1.29 (Like any thrifty person would EVER pay that!) but, they were clearanced at $0.64 a pack. Then I got a $1.50 RR when 3 were purchased and $2.00 when 4 were purchased. Needless to say, I did several transactions for purchasing the gum.

I have to say, the Cashiers at my Walgreens rock! They will let you know when there is a possible RR available on one of the items you are about to buy and offer to do separate transactions for you.

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