Emergency Fund - pt 5

Now we are going to really kick it up a notch and earn more money for our Emergency Funds. It's time to sell ourselves. Geez! Don't go there in your thinking! I'm talking about what skills you have that might be needed by others. Once again you are saying that you have heard this time and time again but, you don't have any skills that anyone would pay for. Don't judge yourself so hard. You would be surprised at what people pay to have done for them.

I'm going to give you an example right off the bat that you may not have even thought of. Mini blinds. Huh? Yup, mini blinds is what I said. Have you ever hung up mini blinds. I'm not talking the vertical ones, just the plain old regular horizontal mini blinds. They really aren't that difficult to do. I have probably hung up at least 50 mini blinds in my lifetime so, you know that they can't be that difficult. I used to work for one of the big box hardware/do it yourself stores. I worked in the mini blind department. You would be surprised at how many people every day asked me if I knew someone who would come out and hang the blinds for them. Just the cheapo $5.00-$10.00 blinds and you can charge a flat rate of $10.00-$15.00 per blind to hang them.

Go to your local hardware/do-it-yourself center and let the people know that you are subcontracting yourself out to hang mini blinds. If you want, make up some cheap business cards from your home computer and hand them out. Tack them up at community bulletin boards as well.

This is just one simple example. You can choose what/when/where you want to do a "job". And you choose how often. If you do one "job" a week for $10.00, you have just added $40.00 at the end of the month to your Emergency Fund. And that is a great beginning! In one year you could have $520.00 in your E.F. with little to no effort.

The biggest step is just getting yourself out there as your own boss. You need to spread the word to neighbors/friends/coworkers/club members etc. There are so many different things you can do just to make a few dollars here and there. So, really step back and figure out all the little things that you know how to do and do a good job at.

And as always, remember, all of this money is going into your emergency fund. That is the whole point of doing the little jobs. Build your E.F.!

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