Emergency Fund - pt 4

The next active way you can build up your Emergency Fund is selling the stuff you no longer need or use. I know what your thinking, that's what everyone says. Blah, blah, blah. But, there is a reason everyone says this, it works!

I have put more money into our E.F. through selling on Ebay than any other resource. It works. You have to be patient, price low and follow through as a good seller and you will make money. I sell regularly on Ebay and I generally only sell books. I am a big reader and so is my husband so, we go through books like crazy. I rarely buy a book new at a store so, most of my books come from yard sales, thrift stores, second hand bookstores and library sales. If you have never sold on Ebay before, make sure you know your "market". Go into Ebay and search out similar items that you have to sell and see what is selling, what is not and what the average price is. Most people think their stuff is worth more than it really is.

Another selling avenue is Craigslist. This one is free so, it doesn't cost you a thing to try.

There are other sites where you can sell your used items but, Ebay and Craigslist are the only 2 that I have used so, I am comfortable with them enough to recommend them.

While it is still garage/yard sale season, try selling your stuff at your own home. You could have a big "sidewalk sale" or see if your local church or community center is going to be have a yard sale soon.

Another place to sell items is your local newspaper. If you have some bigger ticket items or a lot of certain things, post an ad.

Same as the local newspaper idea, if you have larger ticket items or large groups of things to sell, take a picture of them and make fliers to post at local grocery stores, convenience stores or wherever there is a community bulletin board for such things. I am sure I don't have to say to make sure you check with the manager of such places before posting your flyer.

And if you have some things that you think any of your friends/coworkers/church members/club members etc. might be interested in, take pictures of your stuff and send out an email letting them know what you have for sale. You would be surprised to find out one of your friends has been looking for a cheap "fill in the blank"

And remember, that the money you make from selling your stuff goes directly into your Emergency Fund!

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