Coupons: To use or not to use?

There has always been a big debate over the use of coupons. Some folks absolutely detest the idea of using coupons and think that it is not worth the time and effort that is involved in hunting down and gathering coupons. And there is also the fact that some people feel they over-spend when they use coupons because they are purchasing things they don't really need.

Then there is the flip side where you have the folks that are coupon-istas. They are all about the coupon. They can't imagine buying anything without a coupon. They spend a lot of energy searching out coupons and organizing them. Their shopping trips are so fine tuned and coupons are always at hand.

I am not quite at the coupon-ista level yet but, I am definetly closer to that end of the spectrum than other end. I am so used to using coupons, shopping sales, looking at clearance items first, buying second hand, shopping discount or outlets stores that it is second nature to me.

I know this is not for everyone. Each of us has to choose where we fit and feel comfortable.

Northern Cheapskate has a good post about coupon use. When you get a free minute, stop by and check it out!

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  1. Thanks for sharing my post with your readers!

  2. I just heard a story on Rachel Ray yesterday--(she was doing a show on how to save money)--
    it was said that the people who are using coupons the most are the richest. I'm going to improve my coupon clipping this week.


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