What I learned Wednesday

In August issue of Town & Country, this is what I learned:

* Page 37 - Long gold chains of all kinds are back in style. This is good news because I have several. Woohoo, it's nice to know I will be in style instead of just really liking the chains!

* Page 45 - A fun music site that when you pick a song, it studies this song and creates a collection of songs for you that you should like. It's called Pandora.

* Page 56 - Know when to use "lay" and "lie" and several other misused or mispronounced words. Okay, so, really I will probably continue to make some of these grammatically errors.

* Page 93 - There is a special section included all about Managing Stress and Anxiety. There are actually some good information in this section.

Of course, I also learned............

* Page 59 - I doubt I will be buying this Donna Karan New York dress for $1,495.00 this year.

* Page 51 - I probably won't find any BOGO coupons for any of the restaurants named in the "A Taste of Tokyo".

* Page 78 - I really need to figure out a way to put more into my "vacation" fund to visit Capri! It looks gorgeous!

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