Waste Not, Want Not

Over at Small Notebook, a blog I have mentioned before because I absolutely love it, Rachel wrote a post titled "20 Tips to Waste Less Food".

I have written several posts about tips on the same subject. Saving the bits and pieces of leftovers by freezing them. Rachel has some other great tips in this post.

Throwing out food is a major pet peeve of mine. I just can't help think of how much time and effort that food cost in the first place. It's not the price of the actual food item, but the price that either my husband or myself had to pay in order to earn enough to purchase it. We gave up time with our family and each other in order to go out and work to make those few cents to purchase that item. We gave up doing something else that might be important or just fun to earn that money. So, I really despise throwing that money away. It almost feels like our efforts weren't that important.

I love the tips Rachel mentioned about pureeing a piece of fruit or veggie when it starts to go bad. I do this, but not as much as I should and I plan to correct that!

When bananas start to get too ripe and I have no plans or no time to make something with them, I toss the bananas in the freezer. Whole and unpeeled. I have been doing this for years. They don't look very attractive when you pull them out but, they are perfectly fine to use in baking or smoothies.

Last night, as we were preparing dinner, I noticed that our bag of potatoes were really on their last legs. Shriveling up and looking pitiful. So, hubby took on the chore of grating them all up and freezing them for future hash browns.

Today I grabbed all those bags of salty crunchy snacks that had only a handful left inside of them and threw them all in the mini food processor and crushed them. I grabbed and airtight container and put them in it and labeled it. They will be perfect for a topping of some future casserole or in a meatloaf or meatball recipe. And yes, they were all different snacks, not just potato chips. I do this with crackers as well. I love the flavored crackers and they really taste great in different recipes when they are crushed up.

Another biggie is all those bottles of dressings that seem to take up the space in or fridge door. They drive me crazy! LOL Just a dab leftover, not really enough to put on a salad. They are in the door, tipped upside down in hopes of being used soon. Of course, what really happens is they continuously fall out of the door when you open the it and sooner or later you just toss them because you are tired of picking them up!

Instead of dealing with them later, add vinegar or milk (depending on the dressing) and marinate whatever your meat is for that night's dinner with it. Or throw it into the sauce you are making, or the pasta salad you are preparing. Many dressing can just be combined into one jar and used as a marinade as well.

Just get creative and remember what it took to purchase this food. Now, go over and check out Rachel's post for more ideas! :)

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