Using Fresh Savory for bug bites.

As you know by now, we grow a lot of our own herbs. And one of the cool things about herbs is the fact that they have a lot of other uses besides just cooking with them.

We try to search out the other uses for our herbs and then try it out. Well, this past weekend we were outside doing things and the mosquitoes were going insane. Both Troy and the Little Princess get bit pretty bad. And for them, the bites turn into welts that stick around for days. And of course, they itch like crazy.

We read that the herb Savory is suppose to help reduce the itching of mosquitoe bites. So, that night we went outside and picked a few leaves of Savory. We rubbed it on Troys multiple bites and on the princess's bites. And amazingly enough, the itching stopped immediately! We couldn't believe it.

So, instead of some kind of chemical product, get yourself a Savory plant and use the leaves to stop the itching of bug bite. And not to mention, you smell nicer that the commercial creams and ointments! And lets not forget, the cost for a fresh Savory plant at a nursery was only .99 cents!

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  1. I use witch hazel and have success with that. Especially if you get it on the bites right after they happen.

  2. Buffie, thanks for that great tip! I am working on creating a herbal bug spray and I think witch hazel would be the perfect liquid for it!


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