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Yup, you heard me right! I am telling you to go and check out the higher end department stores. Do it often!

Wow great thrifty tip Diann.............NOT!! Is that what you are thinking?

The truth is, I am being serious. I shop at the higher end department stores several times a year. I go directly to the clearance area. These stores do NOT want clearanced items hanging around. That is not what they are about. Usually the clearance section is hidden back in some corner of the department you are shopping in.

It is actually thrifty to have some good quality items in your wardrobe. However, it is not thrifty to purchase them at those high prices. So, at the end of seasons, head to your local department store and start scouring the clearance racks. You would be shocked at what you can find for very low prices! Just be prepared to take your time and try some things on. People always over look certain items because they think that just "isn't my style" or "That would look horrible on me". Give things a try!

A while back, I purchased a 3 piece suit. They were all sold as separates. The pants were regularly $178.00, the jacket was $249.00 and the shirt was 74.00. Okay, you add all that together and that is more than what I spend every year on all of my clothes, the hubby's clothes and even the Little Princess' clothes!

My total on those three pieces? $17.34 (that was with tax)!

So, start checking out the higher end stores a few times a year to see what you can find that are great bargains. Don't forget items that you will need for gifts in the future. This is a great way to get some wonderful items at great prices. At the same time, do NOT buy items you aren't going to use just because they are a great price!! That is NEVER a deal!

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