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I am a relatively new blogger. I have only had this blog going for about 4 months now. When I first started searching online for other bloggers that had similar interests, I opened up a can of thrifty worms! LOL I could not believe how many awesome blogs there are out there! I was a drooling idiot opening up blog after blog. Each one of them were so awesome, I just HAD to subscribe!

Before I knew it, I subscribed to over 50 blogs. And the worst part, is daily, I find a new blog I just love!

Needless to say, my inbox started filling up very quickly. It was starting to become a serious chore going through each and everyone of them every day. I started feeling stressed out just because of the blogs I subscribed to! Like I need to add more stress to my life! But, I just couldn't let any of them go. They all gave me great information.

Of course, a lot of the blogs that post freebies and good deals all basically post the same thing (mine included) because after all, it's kind of a great big freebie /deal info circle out there. So, I decided that since a great deal of them are "repeats" so to speak, I needed to look at what else they offered. Did any blog stand out because of specific posts?

I started monitoring my blog viewing time. I paid attention to which of the blogs updates I was excited to open up daily (yup, I do the email not the feed thing).

What finally Broke the "blog update email" back was when I returned from a week long "out of wifi area" vacation. My inbox had 1,345 new BLOG UPDATE EMAILS! That was JUST the BLOG email. There was no way I could ever catch up on that much email and still try to stay on top of my daily email. It was actually stressing me out. What did I miss? What important tidbit did I have in among the jungle of posts? That was when I realized it was time to do some serious Blog Intervention!!

I started "decluttering" my blog subscriptions this week. At first, I just kept saying, "Oh no, not that one" to every single blog I read! Then I finally decided to just make a folder for all the blogs that I did subscribe to so that I could visit them whenever I wanted. That made it so much easier for me to "let go" of some of my blog subscriptions.

I am now down to about 20 blogs. I still want to cull some of those down. But, it is a pretty good start.

The big thing that I realized was how much time just reading other blog updates was taking. Other areas in my life were showing signs of neglect. Not good!

Just like taking advantage of ALL the freebies or deals out there is impossible, it is also impossible to blog about EVERY freebie or deal out there. I plan to still do lots of freebies and deals, but I have finally realized that A.) I don't have to get every freebie posted ASAP and B.) Eventually all the good freebies will find there way to me through the blogs I do subscribe to.

Interestingly enough, only about 7 of the blogs I now still subscribe to are "Freebie/Deal" oriented. The rest are just really interesting blogs that I look forward to reading their posts.

Now I have given myself back some precious online time to really enjoy and read specific blogs for pure pleasure. I have missed that!

I am going to continue this culling out process at my other email accounts that I have specific email going to.

Are you feeling bogged down by so much email? Trust me, if you spend some time going through it and "unsubscribe' to some of the blogs or sites, you will feel less stress, have more time and really be able to enjoy the blogs and sites that you decided to keep.

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  1. I know what you're saying - there are a lot of good blogs out there! I follow in Google and it's very convenient because you can just go into one screen and scroll through what's new. Very quick and easy with no e-mail. I can see how you quickly became overwhelmed with all of the e-mails. Hope you have a great Friday!

  2. I agree - so much info to read, so little time! I recently unsubcribed from some blogs in my reader as I felt overwhelmed with trying to read them all, yet felt compelled to at least glance over them when there were updates. Now, like you, I've focused in on those that I really enjoy.

  3. I just did the same thing this week. Hopefully my mail box will quiet down now!

  4. Like you, I've been doing this for about 4 months and am staggered how addictive blogging (reading and writing) can be.

    It does indeed gobble up time very quickly and I'm having to be quite disciplined to turn off the computer and go to bed.

    I think I'd go nuts if it all came in via email; I have a personalized Google home page with tabs for RSS feeds. Then, I click through to the blog itself if there's a new posting that looks good.

  5. I agree! So many blogs, so little time!


  6. Hi,
    I so understand. I set up a blog just to list the blogs I wanted to read on. Then I broke them out into groups. The money saving ones I check once a week. The rest I fit in as time permits.
    The computer can take over our lives quickly.

  7. Being frugal with my time is definitely something I need to work on. Thanks for the inspiration!


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