Tasty Thriftiness - Lemon Verbena

Okay, I am so far behind on my postings! Troy over at I refuse to recede posted his latest Herb article. This week (well, actually it was LAST week, but I am just catching up!) it is on Lemon Verbena.
The first thing that pops into my mind about lemon verbena is.....

And then the second thing is Miss Beetle from Little House on the Prairie

Both of these women wore Lemon Verbena perfume. Even today, Lemon Verbena is used in some of the most popular perfumes and beauty products.

Troy has been making us Lemon Verbena tea in the evening. He adds a little Mint and some Stevia, both fresh from our herb garden. The tea is very relaxing. It has been proven that Lemon Verbena has relaxing properties to it.
Also, since the scent is so fresh and strong, I have been making batches of Lemon Verbena and a few Mint leaves as simmering room fresheners. I just put the leaves of the 2 herbs into some water and either use a potpourri burner or a small pot on the back of the stove.

So, if you want some more information on this wonderful multi-use herb, head over to Troy's post HERE!

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