Motivate Me Monday

Oh the joys of returning home after being gone for almost 2 weeks! The Laundry, the bills, the mail, the empty fridge and plants that are weeping from lack of water are screaming my name. This is when I need my "Magical Motivating Fairy Godmother" to show up.

Because, really, all I want to do is fling myself on the couch and chill out! Doesn't make sense does it? I just got back from vacation. I should be all rested, relaxed and ready to go. Shouldn't I?

Not me! I feel like now I need to have a vacation from having a vacation. Especially when I look at the above mention stacks of things to be dealt with.

Am I the only one that get's this way after returning from a trip? I feel absolutely lethargic.

But, unfortunately, the reality of being an adult forces me to get by butt up and throw a load of laundry in. Maybe a little watering of plants won't totally kill me. I can tackle the stack of mail and bills while lounging on the couch I suppose. And maybe I can make a quick grocery list and send the hubby to the store for a few things.

Oh, it's going to be a loooooong day. If anyone spots my Fairy Godmother out there, please tell her she is needed ASAP!

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  1. Sorry but I had to smile ... I am soo with you. Especially the loads of laundry after a 2 week trip drive me nuts .. you have to wash and fold and even worse iron .. Sometimes I need up to three weeks to catch up with it.
    We always try to clean up all rooms in the house and ask a neighbor to water the plants - this way I am not too overwhelmed when we get back. Hope you had a great vacation.


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