A Mini Rant

Uh Oh, Diann is going on a mini rant, this can't be good! LOL

Here is the topic of my mini rant for the day: Freebies that are not freebies

What I am referring to is when people list freebies for such things as address labels or different holiday seals that are sponsored by charities.

These charities are often struggling and hoping for a donation. That is the whole purpose behind these type of items.

It is one thing if these are sent to your home without you requesting them. However, if you do request them, please send them a donation! It absolutely ticks me off that people request these charity fundraiser items and consider them freebies. These are actually gifts to you for your donation. It is not the same thing as requesting a free pantiliner!

Some wonderful charties that offer a gift to you for your donation are:

The American Lung Association-Christmas Seals

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation -mailing labels

Paralyzed Veterans of American - address labels

And here is a pretty good site that just rates the top charity organizations. The America Insitute of Philantrophy

Please don't get so carried away in ordering "freebies" that you abuse a charity. But, by all means, help support the charity of your choice and proudly use the gift they give you in return!

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