Make Something Monday

Well, big surprise, today's MSM post is a bit different. Today I have to Make Due.

When my husband went out yesterday morning, he discovered our driver's side window was gone! Seriously, gone. There was no evidence of a break in, it was just simply gone. Let me tell you, this is not a happy thing! It was very disturbing.

After trying to look into the window pocket in the truck to see if the window had fallen down, he discovered that it was impossible to see. So, he took the truck over to my brother's house (he is a mechanic) and they tore the door open. Sure enough, it was in there. So, that was good.

However, the door itself is a complete shell. Meaning there is no way to pop off the interior of the door to get to the motor of the window. Welcome to the world of newer vehicles. They truly make it impossible to do a lot of the "fix-it-yourself" jobs than older cars.

My brother told Troy to look online and try to find the schematics for our truck and see if there is anything in there for fixing the problems. After hours of searching, and seeing a lot of other people asking the same question (seems a lot of 2005 F150's have had this problem), nobody had answers. So, today he will head over to the dealership to try to get the schematics from them.

So, for right now, we are making due with this situation:

When I need to open the door, I have to lift the door handle up and open it. It so fun..........NOT!

In the above picture, you can see into one of the holes that the window is being help in place by vice grips. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do!

Dealership repair shops ask an arm and a leg to do pretty much any type of work on cars/trucks. So, Troy and my brother will exhaust every other option to try to get it fix before heading to the dealership.

We have been working really hard to try to build our Emergency Fund up and the thought of using it to fix this problem just drives us insane.

So, making due right now in order to hopefully fix this problem and save our emergency fund is what we are doing. Thank goodness we have A/C in the truck!

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  1. Oh no!!! I hope it can be resolved soon!

  2. that is to bad but as I tell my daughter life happens and when we have to spend money to fix what we need done we just have to start over its just life good thing you did have some saved so that you could easily use it to fix what you needed at the time

  3. Oh no! What a pain in the rear! I hope it can be fixed without much money and aggravation.

  4. Felicia & Stefany,
    Thanks for the "high hopes"! LOL I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

    Shopnannies, we are really trying to exhaust all avenues before paying for the window be fixed. I'm glad I have the money "just in case" but, I am really Hoping to hang on to it! LOL


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