Made by Mistake - Pink Lemonade Pie

A few weeks ago I read a post on another blog (I'm sorry. For the life of me I can't remember what blog. I read a lot of cooking blogs) and they posted this super simple recipe for Pink Lemonade Pie. I thought that would be a yummy dessert to make while we were on vacation for the 4th of July. I knew it was simple. Just 4 ingredients:

A can of frozen pink lemonade
A tub of Cool Whip
A can of condensed sweetened milk
A premade pie crust.

Easy as pie.........::groan:::

So, I didn't even take the recipe with me. I made the pie with the above ingredients and was surprised to find I had a bowl leftover of the filling. but, no biggie. I put it into the freezer and it didn't quite freeze up. I was a little leery about serving it but, what the heck. First my dad tried it. I waited to see a reaction. Okay, the plate is cleaned and still no response. However, he headed back into the kitchen and quickly scooped up another piece. Next up my hubby. After he ate his piece of pie he quickly "called" the extra bowl of filling! LOL

This pie was so yummy! It reminded me of a lemon sherbet but creamy.

I just mixed the can of frozen pink lemonade and the can of sweetened milk. Once that was mixed, I carefully stirred in the Cool Whip and then poured into the pie crust. Pop in freezer. That's it.

I have already had requests for this pie at future get togethers.

Now, here is the funny part. When I got home, I looked at the recipe. Apparently I was only suppose to use HALF the can of pink lemonade. Ooops. That would have made it all fit in the pie crust, froze up a bit and a lot sweeter.

Now I am going to try it the originally way. However, this mistake turned into a family favorite already!

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  1. Yum. My sister makes a similar recipe. Thanks for joining TMTT this week.

  2. Yum! Going to copy this one to my computer for future use. Thanks!


  3. Its like a frozen key lime pie. Sounds refreshing for the summer.


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