I'm on a "De-Cluttering" roll!

Generally early Spring I get hit with the "Spring Cleaning" bug. I want to take huge garbage bags and just start chucking stuff into them. I suddenly become this "minimalist" personality. But, this past Spring was very chaotic and a portion of the time was spent away from home. Although I did do a little Spring cleaning here and there, I did not even come close to accomplishing what I wanted to .

So, I have been doing little areas when I can. I have blogged about going through and de-cluttering the Little Princess's clothes. I got down and dirty with our food storage/pantry and got that organized. Yesterday I tackled the spice cabinet. See, just small areas at a time.

We have a small laundry room. And unfortunately, a lot more than laundry gets shoved in there. This morning, as I put a load of wash in, I once again got clobbered in the head with an empty plastic take out container. You know the ones, they are perfect to reuse to send goodies to someone.

Well, last week when I posted my "Works for me Wednesday" post on Make it yourself to-go trays it didn't even dawn on me that I don't need to store every reusable container that I get.

I have been making these to-go trays for quite awhile now. It came out of need. I baked some cupcakes for my nephews and well, my brother (their dad) is not exactly a "I'll get that tray back to you Diann with in this century" kind of guy. He is a single dad of 3 teenage sons and their entire kitchen consists of all the bowls, platters, pans and other items that contained different goodies that either my mom or myself have delivered to his house. And since none of the throw away reusable containers I had would easily contain the cupcakes, I had to think outside...er..maybe inside the box for an idea to take them to my nephews.

So, why do I have these 400 gazillion reusable containers crammed in different spots? The reality is, I know I will have more containers come into my house. It's not like these will be the ONLY reusable containers I ever get!

I looked at all these miscellaneous tubs, trays and bowls and a very ugly word popped into my mind... HOARDING. Oh yuck! I believe in being prepared and stockpiling food for my food storage but, hoarding is a whole different ballgame.

So, I grabbed a garbage bag and started tossing! I kept about 5 containers, only when I found a spot for them that I could easily get to and would not be in the way.

Now I don't want to send a mixed signal. I do believe in reusing and repurposing everyday items. However, when it becomes a stress in some way, it is not worth it. And being hit in the head time and time again, that is a stress! LOL

And since I know that I will always buy more sour cream, I will get more sour cream tubs. It's amazing how that happens.

So, today, I de-cluttered my reusable containers. I feel like I should say, I de-stressed my life a little.

When was the last time you tackled and culled out all your reusable to go containers?

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  1. Thanks for stopping by the blog! I completely agree with this post - thanks for encouraging me to persevere in de-cluttering.


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