Handy Dandy Hanging Shoe Organizers

I LOVE hanging shoe organizers! Yes, I use them for shoes but, I use them for a zillion other things as well. The one above is for hair accessories. I have a ton of hair clips, bands, combs etc.

I recently bought several of the ones in the pic above. I bought them for .25 each (new). They didn't have the little metal hooks with them so they were marked down.

The dollar stores have "Kids hanging shoe organizers" that are half the length of these ones. Those are great for hanging inside your pantry or cabinet door to hold things like Kool Aid packs, sauce packets, gravy packets and dressing packets. All those little envelopes of different things that are found throughout the kitchen.

Another use for them is things like scarves, mittens, hats and umbrellas. You can hang it in your coat closet and have all those little accessories neatly tucked away and easy to get to.

I use one for my scarves. I can fold them and see them. Generally they are wadded up in a drawer and I never think of them. Also one for my socks. I wear a lot of trouser socks during the winter and now I can easily find them and store them with colors together. I also put my pantyhose and stockings in them. They run much less risk of snagging.

Instead of taking up valuable room in my dresser, things can be easily accessible and hung up in the closet. Since they are vertical, they take up very little room.

I have seen them used to hang on the back of an office door and function as a bill/statement organizer. Just using one in a home office for different office supplies would free up desk and drawer space.

Used in a baby's room, it could hold all the powder, lotion, ointments, clippers etc. Everything handy in one spot.

In Kids room, packages of crayons, markers, little Matchbox cars, Barbies etc, would help keep all the little things neatly tucked away.

Craft room.....I don't even think I need to say examples for that! LOL

Scrapbooking is another thing I use one for. I love to use ribbons and rubber stamps and these organizers work great for all that.

You could use one for holding all your ribbons, tags, bows, tape, etc. for a "Present wrapping organizer".

These space savers have a lot of different uses. So, pick some up and start organizing!

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  1. Hi,I came to visit from Homemaker Barbi's and am so glad I did. :) What a great idea! As a grandma of 9, with 4 living close, I have a ton of little things in the kids' closet that are always getting lost. This would be a great help! Thanks.


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