Fresh corn!

I have to say, fresh corn is one of my all time favorite veggies! Just quickly heat them up and bring on the butter! I take advantage of cheap corn season in many ways.

When one of our local nurseries start to sell the ears of corn at 20 ears for $1.00, I buy quite a bit. I will freeze them whole (without the husks and silk) and I will also cut the corn off the cob and freeze just packets of corn. some people say to blanch the ears first, I never have and I have been freezing corn for about 10 years now.

We also enjoy grilled ears of corn. Sometimes I will soak the ears, husks and all and add them to the grill. But, what I really like is to rub the ears of corn (after cleaning away all the husks and silk) in a little olive oil and fresh herbs. I let them kind of marinate for a couple of hours and then put them on the grill. You can make the same marinade and brush it on the ears of corn while you are grilling them.

Another favorite grilling idea for corn on the cob is to cut the cobs into about 2 inches and throw them into a ziplock bag to marinate with other chopped up veggies with your favorite marinade for a couple of hours and then skewer them and grill them.

I also really like fresh chopped salad. I cut the kernels off the cob and add a can of beans (use whatever you like, I use a can of kidney beans), chopped tomatoes, chopped cucumber, chopped onions, chopped green pepper and some fresh chopped garlic. Then I add some fresh herbs, squeeze about 1 lemon into the veggies and some salt and pepper. Toss it all and let it stand in the fridge for at least an hour to combine all the flavors.

The best part of this salad is you can add whatever veggies you want and whatever herbs you want. It is just super fresh tasting. the lemon acts as the marinade so, you don't have to add any oil to it. You can if you want, but I really like the clean simple taste of the veggies.

Here are a couple other recipes that I like to use fresh corn in:

Classic Corn Pudding. I made this for the first time this past Thanksgiving and it was a major hit! Now it has become a regular side dish in our menu. I of course used my corn that I froze last summer. I also make my own fresh bread crumbs with fresh herbs in them.

Amish Corn Pie. This another good one we like. It's easy and quick. If you want to turn it into more of a meal you can add some chopped up pre-cooked meat as well.
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  1. Getting hungry reading this - I love fresh corn on the cob!

  2. yum, my favorite too, thanks for the recipes!

  3. We love corn here too! 20 ears for $1? That is such a good deal. I need to find a deal like that. ;) I just read in one of my magazines that grilled corn with husks tied back (to hold and to make it "pretty") with cilantro and salt rubbed on after grilled.

  4. Now I need to add corn to the list of things to buy. Nothing is as good as fresh corn on the cob. Geri

  5. I love corn, too! Here in Kentucky, we've had a weird summer. Cool and wet...NOT GOOD for gardens. My MIL's corn wasn't as fruitful this year, so we're all bummed. And 20 ears for a dollar?! Wow! That's an awesome deal!

  6. Well now I am just hungry. I grew up in Iowa land of corn so it is my fave. Although I firmly believe that Iowa's corn is far and away the best. Must hit farmer's market tomorrow!!

  7. Tracey, I was cooking it while I was writing this post. So, I was really drooling! LOL

    One Happy Mama, your very welcome!

    LaVonne, I know, I love this nursery that we go to. The cilantro sounds awesome. I'll have to try that. thanks!

    Erin, it really has been a weird growing season! That is why I am really keeping my fingers crossed that the crop will be abundant so I can get the good deal.

    Diaper Diaries, I haven't had Iowa corn, but I have been through Iowa right before harvest time and it took everything I had not to just pull over and head out into the feild! LOL

    Feels like chaos, I feel like we all need to meet somewhere for a big corn on the cob fest! :)

    Geri, couldn't agree more. Fresh corn is the best!

  8. Hi Diann!

    Thanks for the shout out, my new friend. I gotta say I am a BIG lover of corn. I cant beleive Im telling you this, but the staff at one restuarant calls me "corn girl" because I orer it every time I go! LOL. Forgive me for popping in so late. I have been on vacation. Better late than never, right?
    Hope to see you for this week's Thrifty Thursday!

    Tales from Bloggeritaville


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