A Couple of Walmart Clearance items

Last night I had to run to Walmart to get diapers and a view other items. I also decided to pick up some free things (I had coupons). I got for free:
2 Mars candy bars
a 24 oz Hunts Ketchup
Cascade rinse agent
DiGirono Flatbread sandwich

While I was looking around, I found the 3 packs of little girl tights clearanced for only a $1.00 per 3-pack. Here is a picture so you know which ones to look for:

These are normally $3.77 per pack at our Walmart. So, I got one of each set. I got the size that will fit the Little Princess this Fall & Winter.

They also had Women's size tights clearanced for $2.00 a package. Of course, we only get one pair in our package. But, still a good price. I picked up a couple of pairs for this Fall as well.

I also found these 5 pack tabbed pocket folders for .25 each pack. I needed some pocket folders and was happy to find some fun bright print ones.

They also had a similar pack that was just striped but, it is clearanced at $1.50. I don't think so!

So, I just thought I would give you heads up on a couple of surprise deals I found in case you wanted to check your local Walmart for them.

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