Tightwad Tuesday!

Putting off things, I am starting to become the Queen of this area lately!

Our 17 month old is going through clothes sizes like crazy (as they all do at this age). Yet, I keep folding up these outfits and putting them in a box under the bed. I keep telling myself that as soon as this box is full, I will take them to the second hand store and sell them. We aren't going to need them any more so, if I can make a little money from them to add to her wardrobe money, great!

Of course, that was 4 and half boxes ago. I just filled up the 5th box. Now these boxes are starting to get in the way. So, no more putting it off! I plan to spend today going through the boxes and separating them into winter clothes and summer clothes and then calling the second hand store and find out what they are accepting.

And hopefully, this mindset will keep me going enough to go through my clothes and cull them out. Of course, the problem with clothes is not throwing out the "Oh, it just has a small stain on it" or "It just shrunk up a little bit to make it uncomfortable but, maybe next year...". Sound familiar?

You wouldn't believe the pile of shirts that I have that have a stain or some other thing wrong with them that I just add to my "This will be my painting shirt...or cleaning shirt....or gardening shirt....etc". Of course the fact that I could wear a different shirt every time I did one of these chores for about a month without wearing the same shirt again, should tell me something!

And really, don't we deserve to treat ourselves better than to wear a bunch of stained ratty clothes even if we are gardening or cleaning. There really isn't an acceptable excuse for doing this. Keeping a couple (2 or 3) is okay but, 20? I don't think so. And I already have two large bags of rags so, they aren't even needed for that.

So, my clothes probably won't be making it to the resale shop or being recycled into something else. It's time to let them go.

What's so frugal about all this? First off, I might be able to add some money to our wallets by re-selling a few things. Donating the rest will help someone else. Getting rid of skanky worn-out clothes will instantly make me feel better about myself and I don't have to spend a dime at a salon, a spa (yeah, like that has ever happened! LOL) or buying anything else. I will be rid of a lot of clutter and that always makes me happy!

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