Tightwad Tuesday-Decorating with Mother Nature!

If you ask me, Mother Nature offers the very best "tightwad" and thrifty things! And not to mention some of the most "pure beauty" items. Especially for the decorative touches in and around our homes. We all know about dried flowers for making arrangements. Or pine cones to be used numerous ways. Fresh flowers are always a welcomed added beauty to my home. Other natural decorative items:

pine branches

Everyone has their own ideas of what is beautiful for their home. We all enjoy different creative styles. That is what is so wonderful about natures gifts for decorating. They can be all "jazzed up" or left incredibly simple. Whatever your style or likes are, I can guarantee, nature has something for you to enjoy.

So, why not spend a day or an afternoon at a park or a beach and look around you. Look for some decorating gifts from nature to bring some fresh life into your home decor. Let your kids have the pleasure of creating something for their own bedroom that they gathered themselves and put together from their imagination. You would be surprised at what they create.

It is a cheap and fun way to spend some time alone or together as a family.

Some ideas (and remember, these are just ideas, adapt to your personality!):

A seashell wreath. Instructions HERE!

A Lavender wand for your dresser or closet. Get instructions HERE!

Framed Beach treasures. Learn more HERE!

Create a Rustic shadowbox. Learn more HERE!

A beautiful simple arrangement of twigs. More info HERE

Bark wrapped vases. Learn how HERE!

A Twig Trivet. Learn how HERE!

This is just a small sampling of what can be done or used in home decor that is offered free from Mother Nature. Only 2 rules to decorating with found treasures:
1.) They make you happy and smile
2.) Use your imagination

And this is the simple "Nature Decor" thing that started this whole post:

A bunch of flowering chives from our garden. Not the normal flower thought of for putting in a vase but, beautiful all the same.

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  1. Wonderful ideas. Thanks so much for sharing. I use twigs with the candles I make.

  2. That's great! I seem to feel much more relaxed in my home when I have more of a "natural" feel surrounding me. I am finding myself less and less into "shiny baubles". LOL

  3. Wonderful Ideas! I love that wreath. Living on the coast in Charleston, SC, I maintain a "beachy" feel to my decor and love using natural items to decorate my home.

    Don't forget your outdoor living space. These ideas can be brought into that part of your home just as easily. Garden decorative items like a small fountain made from just a large container, some rocks, and a pump will bring you instant relaxation in your outdoor living area. I have one that I use to display my shell collection around and I always get compliments from my house guests about how wonderful the little water feature makes them feel.

  4. The lavendar wand is neat---I'm going to check my herb garden now!


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