Thrifty, easy and cool treat

Just a very simple "from childhood" idea.

A nice way to jazz up iced teas is to use flavored iced cubes. I often freeze lemonade into ice cubes and pop them into glasses of iced tea. Also, the left over fruit juice from cans of fruit are great as ice cubes and added to iced teas.

The same thing can be done with any flavored drinks, juices and lemonade. Add some frozen fruit juice cubes to change up the flavors of your standard drinks.

Add little pieces of fruit in the frozen cubes as well. It turns your drink into a special treat.

I know I am just a big kid a heart because I still like to make frozen flavored ice cubes and just pop them out into a glass or a bowl and just munch on them when the weather is sweltering.

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  1. Let's always stay a big kid at heart...right? :)Thanks for sharing with Tasty Tuesday.

  2. Good idea... especially the one about popping the cubes into a bowl and crunching on them. Nice!

  3. Those are great, simple, and MOST importantly, COOL ideas!

  4. Oh, BTW, thanks for linking up to Tempt My Tummy Tuesday.


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