Thrift Store Shopping

Everybody that knows me knows that I am a major thrift store shopper! It is so rare that I go to a "regular" store for some item before I check out my local thrift stores first.

I have purchased so many things that were brand spanking new with tags still on. My wardrobe is made up of probably 75% clothes that were bought at a thrift store. Not only is this a HUGE saving of money but, it also is recycling at it's finest!

Some things to keep in mind:

Not all thrift stores are created equal! Depending on the area the store is located in, the price of items will reflect that area. So, if a thrift store is in a higher tax bracket area, the prices are higher. We have two Salvation Army stores within my desired driving distances. One is in a bit of a better part of the area and that stores prices are consistently at least 30% higher than the other store located in a lower tax area. So, generally I go to the lower priced store first.

Also, for most of the large thrift store chains (Salvation Army, St. Vincent De Paul, Goodwill) when items are donated a lot of the time those items go first to a central warehouse and then are sorted and delivered to the different stores. It's just something to keep in mind.

Our area Salvation Army stores have "colored sticker days". They use 7 different colored stickers and each day one of the colors are marked down 50% for that day. I follow those colored stickers like most people follow their TV show schedules! LOL I ONLY purchase items that are 50% off that day. If I see something I want that is a different color sticker, I take my chances and return on that sticker day.

I told you I am a SERIOUS bargain shopper! I know the color sticker days for both my Salvation Army stores better than I know the birth dates of my family! LOL

We don't have a Goodwill in my area which totally bums me out. so, when we are traveling, hubby knows if we see one, he has to stop immediately! LOL

This weekend I went out to make my rounds at the thrift stores I frequent only to discover one of my absolute favorite thrift stores was shutting down! I though I would cry! Everything in the store was half off so, I took advantage of that.

What I was mainly looking for this past weekend was to build up the Little Princess' summer wardrobe. I did pretty good too.

For her I got:
7 pairs of shorts
10 shirts
4 summer dresses
4 pairs of summer pj's
a swimsuit cover up
3 beautiful blankets
a Winnie the Pooh and Friends light up/musical play treehouse toy thing.
a LeapFrog Alphabet Pal® Caterpillar (see pic below)

My total cost was $11.73
(most of the clothes were either Tommy Hilfiger, Old Navy or Carters)

I also got myself 4 pairs of jean shorts,4 brand new with tags, purses (my Big weaknesses are accessories! LOL), 2 tote bags, and electric tea kettle (wanted that for the trailer) and 2 shirts.

All of my stuff came up to $9.25. So, I went over my planned $20.00 budget by a little bit but, I was very happy with my purchases!

So, don't disregard thrift stores as great money saving places and check with your local thrift stores first to see if the item(s) you need can be purchased there instead of automatically going to a "regular" store.

And make sure you donate to the stores you shop at as well. My thrift stores know me from coming in the front door and pulling up around to the back door! LOL

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  1. Diann, you sound like my kind of shopper. I can't imagine spending retail for almost anything. My downfall is cosmetics and perfume and I will go retail for that, but only after trying to find a bargain on ebay.


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