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This week's "Herb of the week" from Troy at "I Refuse to Recede" is Savory.

Okay, when I think of Savory, oddly, I instantly think of the "Tudor Era" in history. This era was right before the Elizabethan era. And at that time Knot Gardens were a major landscaping rage. I love knot gardens! I think they are just beautiful and since some of the original ones were made almost exclusively with aromatic herbs. I love them even more! I hope to one day create my own version of a knot garden.

I know, you are thinking, "Ummm Diann, this is about herbs and the use for them in cooking. So, why talk about old gardening architecture?" Well, first of all, I love landscaping, gardening architecture and the use of herbs in any sense. I also love the history of any of the above things. So, it all fascinates me. And it's my blog and I can wander away from the main topic whenever the whim hits me. Kind of like walking through a knot garden. LOL

Okay, okay, back to the subject at hand. Savory. This "spice" has always been a huge favorite in my family growing up. Although no one grew it (except me, later in life) it was used a lot. My family is a major fan of all that is peppery! So, it's not a big surprise that we cook with a lot of Savory. Savory has an intense pepper taste to it and can enhance any dish that you want to have a spicier flavor. It's best used in dishes that you want to "sit on the back of the stove". The longer it cooks, the better the taste.

So, check out some information about this herb and some uses HERE!

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