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This weeks "Herb of the Week" over at I Refuse to Recede is Sage. When I think of Sage, two things come immediately to mind: A. ) Oh yippee, it's Thanksgiving! and B.) cleansing rituals.

A beautiful legend about Sage is that when Mary was fleeing from Herod no other plant would give her shelter but Sage. Virgin Mary told the Sage plant: 'From now to eternity you will be the favorite flower of mankind. I give you the power to heal man of all illness and save him from death as you have done for me.'

The Romans used Sage in their baths to ease :

aching muscles
sore, tired feet

The American Native Indian used Sage in Sweat Lodge ceremonies. This was called 'smudging'

A 13th century verse states: 'Why should a man die, whilst Sage grows in his garden?'

Tradition: Sage was
a panacea for immortality
burned at the altar or in a sacred space to consecrates the area
burned in the home to remove impurities, banish evil, and to provide protection
used for bringing prosperity
used in healing amulets, incenses, and sachets

So, sage may be the turkey herb, but, it has a LOT more going on than just Thanksgiving!

Read more about the uses of Sage and some background information on it HERE!

(Some of these fun and interesting tidbits were found at Global herbal Supplies)

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