Tasty Thriftiness - Chives

Today's guest post from Troy at I Refuse to Recede is all about Chives. I have been growing chives for ...um...ever I think! LOL. I use them in any dish that I would like a bit of onion taste to it. For example, the other night I made pan sauteed pierogi's. I used a little bit of butter and went outside and cut a handful of chives and then snipped them right into the pan. Oh YUM! The smell was heavenly! And the taste, well, puhleese...beyond yummy!

Chives are the easiest herb to grow. Honest! And it is super hard to kill them. I haven't planted chives in years and years. I have moved my clumps of chives around more times than I can count. I have to tell you, when you grow chives and if you let them flower off at all, you will have chives in the oddest places the next year! I am constantly pulling up individual chives from every nook and cranny in our yard.

So, enjoy your "lesson" on chives!


  1. well, i want to grow chives now! maybe i'll keep them potted, since i had the same problem with mint-finding it all over the yard! i always wish i have some when we make mexican for dinner...how nice to just go clip some!
    looking forward to seeing more of your creativity!

  2. Kristen,
    There so easy and add so much flavor. And they can just look really pretty as a garnish as well.

    Diann :)


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