Spendervention - TJMaxx

I'm sure you have seen the new ads for TJMaxx. They feature people helping friends and family from spending too much, which is Spendervention. They are cute ads.

I was fortunate enough to be contacted by the folks at TJMaxx and Marshalls and offered a $25.00 gift certificate for each store. The point of this? A challenge! Woohoo, I am all about challenges, especially when it comes to spending money! They know that I have this blog about being thrifty and they know I am going to report what I discover through the eyes of a thrifty shopper. They sent the gift cards anyway. Are they brave? Insane? Or that sure of themselves? Hummm....this should be fun!

I haven't shopped at TJMaxx in quite awhile. A couple of weeks ago I popped into one of their stores because I was in the area and had time to kill. I didn't really get a chance to look around but, I did find a couple of great bargains. I figured I just got lucky! LOL

I received my gift cards too late to use for Father's Day and they came in right when we were heading to the campground.

Yesterday it was blistering hot and very humid. The beach helped a little but, air conditioning was what I really wanted. After sitting in the trailer for a couple of hours reading, I got a little antsy. I Googled the closest location for TJMaxx and Marshalls. No luck on Marshalls (closest one was 45 miles away)However, a TJMaxx was only 12 miles away! So, with hubby and the princess in tow, we headed out for a thrifty TJMaxx adventure.

When we got to the store (blessed with major A/C!)I grabbed a shopping cart and told the Hubs to take the princess and look around on their own while I did some serious scouting.

I was kind of surprised at how quickly my cart was filling up. Like I said, I have not shopped at TJMaxx in a long time. Full Department Store prices are just out of the question for me. I need to take shopping to a different level. TJMaxx is actually listening to the consumers needs for good quality items at low prices. I was pleasantly surprised! This is an even bigger surprise when you know me and know my shopping habits. I'm talking Thrift Store Diva here! Yard sale aficionado! Flea Market Fiend! Large Department Stores? Not so much.

I really did find a lot of things I loved that were a great price. Once I could add no more to my shopping cart, it was time to cull back on the goodies. After all, this was a $25.00 challenge for me. I found Troy and showed him all the stuff I had gathered. He and I went through everything and got it narrowed down to about $35.00 worth of items. I loved these last few things but, like a good Thrifty shopper, I begrudgingly put back 2 items.

Want to see what I got?

7 piece glass bowl set (large bowl and 6 smaller bowls with little handles on the side) - Reg. Retail price= $28.00 (so, not gonna happen!) TJMaxx price= $7.00
Quilted table runner - Retail Price= $18.00 TJMaxx price = $7.00
Quilted 4 pc. place mats - Retail price= $18.00 TJMaxx price= $7.00
Square Aqua glass serving dish - Retail price= $6.00 TJMaxx price= $2.99
8 pack of toile paper plates - Retail price= $3.49 TJMaxx price= $1.49
Total spent = $25.88 + $1.54 (tax) grand total = $27.22

The last item, paper plates, were an added item because I was so excited to set up and use my items, I figured I might as well buy some pretty paper plates to use. And yup, we went back to the campground and I set up a lovely light snack for us to enjoy with all my new table setting items.
Just a little side note: I am a quilter and I would have been very hard pressed to make this beautiful quilted table runner and matching place mats for $14.00. Not too mention the time involved!

Here is a couple of pictures of the table all set for our snack:

Oh and BTW, the dark little muffins are actually pumpernickel rolls that I picked up at a little bakery on the way back to the campground. They ran me $1.00 of two dozen!!

So, I was pretty happy with my shopping experience at TJMaxx. I will definitely be going back and check out what new things they have gotten in. Since they get new off-priced merchandise in weekly, things are always changing.

Another side note: (man, I am full of side notes today! LOL). After we left TJMaxx, I put my stuff away and was going to head over to another store in this Mall. Troy said that he wanted to check out the hardware store while I was shopping at Sally's. Off we went in separate directions. When I got done shopping, I saw Troy already in the truck. So, I got in and we headed back to the campground. After I got the table all set and the food already, Troy handed me a bag. He had went back into TJMaxx and bought the two items that I put back! What a sweetheart! Here is a picture of those two items:

If you can't tell by now, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE different serving dishes (platters, bowls etc)! Each of these ceramic pieces were only $3.99! Back in the winter, I had bought a 3 dish serving platter kinda like the one pictured except I bought it at Salvation Army and it was about 15 years old and not nearly as pretty and had chips in it. I paid $3.00 for it at Salvation Army!!

We may only have BLT's for dinner, but by golly, I like to set a pretty table!

Ummm..I'm thinking a glass pitcher and matching drinking glasses would round out this tablescape nicely! Okay Marshalls, your up next!


I was offered 2 gift certificates from the TJMaxx/Marshalls staff and was told to spend them on anything I wanted. The only thing they asked was that no matter what I got or how I enjoyed my experience, I would blog about it. This post is my honest opinion of my experience shopping. I am not being paid to offer this opinion.

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  1. Wow, Diann, you are one great shopper! I love the stuff you got. And it definitely makes me want to head out to TJ Maxx :)

  2. I am soooo happy for you to have a hubby that thinks like that. Rocket scientists don't have it in them...but a girl can't have everything. I'd freak if I got 2 $25 gift cards to those 2 stores.


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