Some "Deals" I got

The terms "Food Storage" or "Stocked Pantry" don't quite fit the bill for me. Granted, food is the number one item to be stocked in order to have a "buffer" when it comes to emergency situations. However, there are so many non-food items that I think need to be stocked up on as well that I haven't come up with an adequate term yet. Any ideas?

One of the items that I try to keep stocked is deodorant. To me, that is a much needed item in this house! LOL And it is one of those things that isn't always a cheap find. But, when you run out, you need to get more and generally try to find a decent price but, end up paying a few dollars. And in times of emergency, a couple of dollars here and there can make the difference sometimes in whether a bill can be paid or not. And the whole point is to try to stock up on items you always will use and therefore, always will buy, for as little as possible.

Let's face it,times are tough right now and although you may not be in a serious emergency situation, every dollar saved is a good thing!

So, yesterday, I had printed out several coupons for the Crystal Light deal. I headed to Target to get these bargains and they were completely out of the "on the go" packs so, I didn't bother buying the full size Crystal light packages because that wasn't the bargain I wanted and the coupons are good for awhile yet. However, being the kind of gal I am, I don't walk into the store without my handy dandy 40 pounds of coupons folders. Okay, 40 pounds may be a slight exaggeration but, they are pretty heavy. LOL I went through my folder that has all the "printed off the computer" coupons it to see if any were about to expire and if I could use any for some good deals while I was at the store.

I had no desire to spend a ton of time going through all my coupons. I just thought I would concentrate on one area that I could stock up on that would be a really good bargain. I remembered the Dry Idea coupons for $2.00 off one. I had several of them (turns out I had 5 coupons). so, I checked out the price at Target. They were $2.39 each. Well, this would be a good deal. I had been holding onto the coupons because about a month ago one of the drugstore chains had Dry idea deodorant on sale for $2.00 and I missed the sale! So, I had hoped to see another ad for them at $2.00 so, I could get them free. But, I figured .39 cents was a decent price to pay.

I grabbed 5 of the Dry Idea's and also one Men's Degree deodorant (had a Target coupon for it for $1.50 off and it was only $1.97 regular price).

So, I got 6 deodorants for a grand total of $2.42. So, basically 6 for the price of one.

Here is a little interesting (or it was to me anyway) sidenote of my cashing out experience.

First off, Target only had two registers opened when I went to checkout. And both of the registers had a line of at least 6 people in it. That was pretty weird for Target because they generally will open lanes pretty quickly if it gets busy. I got into line behind a woman that I had seen throughout the store shopping and using coupons. At one point while I was shopping, I saw her sitting at one of the patio table and chairs display with her box of coupons and many coupons scattered out in front of her. I had walked past her with a smile on my face feeling a kindred spirit.

The cashier rang up the woman's items and then started deducting the coupons. I leaned in and said, "Doesn't it feel good to be able to save a little with those coupons." Well, the woman looked at me as if I had set her hair on fire! She was not a happy woman. I thought, "okaaay....just step away from the angry woman slowly Diann!" I figured we all have bad days and obviously she was having hers today.

Now I had already put my deodorants on the belt and I also had a pair of little shoes for the princess that were clearanced so, I had put my coupons on top of that box. The cashier looked at my stuff and spotted my coupons while she was deducting the angry woman's coupons. The cashier, trying to lighten the mood, said, "Oh I see you like to print coupons from online." Angry woman's coupons were all cut from inserts. I said, "yes, sometimes it is so much easier to just go in and pick and choose which coupons you want." The cashier agreed and said she does that too.

That was when the the poor innocent cashier made a deadly mistake! (Cue ominous music now) She looked at the coupons that she was ringing in and told the woman that also has a coupon for this and she could have used both of them to get an even better price. I threw myself over my child to protect her from the fallout as the angry woman began to blow (okay, that was a little dramatic license there). But, angry woman became infuriated woman in a hurry! She proceeded to "tell" (read-yell at) us that she thinks coupons are a waste of time and she hates using them and if it weren't for her "stupid" husband, she wouldn't even be using these stupid coupons! He cuts them out and matches them up to the shopping lists. And if he thinks she is going to do this ever again, he had another thing coming! If HE wants to use COUPONS, then HE should be there right now using them. NOT her!

Whoa! Once I picked up my jaw from the store floor, I just looked at the cashier. Talk about the "Deer in the headlights" look! The poor cashier girl was somewhat shaking as she offered the angry woman a $5.00 Target gift card. The woman looked at it as if it would bite her and asked what the hell is that for?! Quietly, the cashier explained that she had purchased 3 items that qualified her for a free $5.00 GC. The woman rammed it into her wallet muttering, "Great, just great!".

The angry woman left and the cashier and I just looked at each other for a few seconds in stunned silence. I then asked the cashier if that was a normal reaction. LOL She said that it happened before to her the other day with a woman. I was just totally shocked. I told her maybe she needed to request hazard pay. I guess the lines drawn between "couponer" and "Non-couponer" is getting a little frightening these days.

So, that was my little check out adventure yesterday.

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  1. Diann,

    That is the MOST bizarre Target story. I must hear 10x a week from my readers that cashiers give them a hard time over coupons. Here is a WELL trained Target cashier and this angry woman goes ballistic! WOW, that cashier needed to be rewarded in my view.

    I am willing to bet that the woman felt like coupons were in the same category as begging or something. Coupons are just another form of cash as far as I am concerned. Angry woman hasn't gotten it yet that if she used them she'd have more cash for things SHE wants.

    Great story. I don't know if you ever read my blog, but if you don't, drop by and join all of us Target addicted folks. We are "Targeteers" and we are always looking for deals. We'd love to have your join us!



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