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Today is gonna be a spicy day for me! Well, okay, when I say "spicy' I meant literally spices. I noticed this weekend that not only are my spice jars getting a little sticky and grubby, but I have a few duplicates. Actually I really checked my spices after a couple of back and forth comments left on one of my posts last week. LOL

So, today, all the spices are coming out of the cabinet and being condensed, or checked to see if I have some that need to be thrown out. Spices last a long time, but of course they lose their flavor over time. If you open your spice jar and you have to really try to smell the spice, it is of no use to you anymore.

Each jar is getting a good wiping down before putting them back into the plastic cheapo trays before going back into the cabinet. This was another thing we talked about in comments the other day, using cheap plastic basket/trays to keep your spices in. It makes it a lot easier to pull out of the cabinet and see what you need!

And this will be the perfect time to see what I am out of. I generally go to grab a spice only to not find it. I think to myself, "It's probably shoved all the way to the back". Well, now I will know. So, pen and paper will be handy for this little cleaning and organizing event.

Any of the jars that are emptied I will keep, clean and re-label to be used for our herbs that will get dried this year.

How is your spice cabinet looking these days? A little grubby? Do you know what you have? How about joining me in this task, clean up and clean out your spices today.

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  1. Great idea! I totally need to go through my cupboard. I recently organized my pantry with dollar store baskets. Time to tackle the lazy susan next! YIKES!


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