Motivate Me Monday

Composing Hallelujahs
You know what can really motivate me? Money! I'm not talking about hording money, or being rich or anything like that. What I am talking about is throwing my money away. And a very good way to just toss money out the window is not being organized.

We all know this, right? of course we do. I do. So, I should never be in a situation where I throw away money because I am not organized. Oh, famous last words haunt me!

Now granted, this week was a very stressful and confusing week. I'm not making excuses, well, I guess I am, however, I generally do not let anything get in the way of keeping on top of our home finances. This week I did.

I haven't been paying as much attention as I needed to and a bill got shuffled up in other paperwork. When did I discover this? When I got an email from my credit card letting me know that my payment was over due and therefor a late fee of $35.00 was added! 35 bucks! Gone! Out the window! Didn't even get to enjoy spending it. Almost two weeks of my "stocking up the pantry" money gone.

That totally made my stomach knot up with disgust. It wasn't even 36 hours late. And we had the money sitting in the bank. Argghh!

So, that totally MOTIVATED me to get my organization back on track! Today that is what I will be doing. I need to get my calendar marked with my due dates, organize my bills, go over statements etc. I have let a lot of these kind of things slide lately because I have been so overwhelmed in other areas. But, that is not an excuse to continue to doing it. I know when I am unorganized, especially with money, it just adds to my daily stress levels. And I really don't need anything to be added in that area!

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  1. oh i do not like that sinking feeling that comes with money mistakes. i once told my husband he could never die because i wouldn't know when to pay the bills :) (even with our budget program that has a reminder calendar and all that)

  2. Composing, I think that is how my hubby feels about me! LOL
    Diann :)

  3. I am with you on this one, girl! So there! DH does all of ours but it is on the iCal & my google calendar with email reminders so we don't get mixed up. Been there on the late fees ... I hate GIVING my money to banks. Great motivation!

  4. TeriLynne, I have never used Goggle Calendar before. I may have to try that! Thanks for the tip! $35.00! I am still just fuming over my mistake! LOL
    Diann :)

  5. Diann,

    If you haven't ever done this before (been late)
    call and ask them if they have/can reverse it!
    Typically, they have a 'ONE TIME" reversal for customers in good standing!

    Pray for favor before you call, God cares and will guide your words, it works for me to keep me calm and not allow my frustrated "flesh" to get in the way :)

    Hope it works out!

    Blessings to you

  6. Loren, thanks for the tip. I will give it a try!
    Diann :)


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