Marshalls Shopping Trip

As I mentioned earlier this week (Check out my post HERE) I had the opportunity to check out TJMaxx and Marshalls and have a little shopping spree (courtsey of the folks at Marshalls!).

My goal was to take the $25.00 gift card they sent me and have a thrifty spending spree! I know what your thinking, "That poor Diann! The things she has to go through!". Well, that is just the kind of gal I am! LOL

Now I have to confess, I have never shopped at Marshalls before. Can you believe that? So, I was eager to check it out!

When I got to Marshalls, I stepped out of our car, the temperture was 101! The minute I stepped inside the store I realized that a lot of people decided that 101 degree weather = shopping at Marshalls! The store was hopping. What I really noticed was to my right there had to have been 1 gazillion women shopping! What was the attraction? S-H-O-E-S!!! Marshalls has a huge selection of shoes of all kinds!

Now, if you remember from my TJMaxx post, my goal was to look at housewares and find a glass pitcher and matching glasses to go along with my other cool things I got for my table setting. So, I started my shopping cart heading straight down the center aisle to get to housewares. "I will not look at shoes! I will not look at shoes!!" I muttered as I tried to keep eyes front and center. Uh Oh, a mother with 3 not so happy kids in tow was heading straight at me. I felt she had the right away (screaming kids always take the right away! LOL) so, I pushed my cart off the right to let her pass. I was now in the "Shoe Zone"!

Black pumps with white polka dots! Red striped canvas wedges! Yellow sandals with white daisey's! Oh my! Breath slow...ease the cart back into the center aisle. There ya go! Phew, close call!

I made it! Housewares I have arrived! Okay, down to business. Once again filling my shopping cart to overflowing, I found deal after deal. And YAY, Marshall's did not let me down! I found the perfect glass pitcher and 4 drinking glass set! Of course I found several other things as well.

Here is what I got:

A glass pitcher & 4 glass drinking glasses - reg. retail = $14.00, Marshalls = $7.99
Large serving tray
- reg. retail = $24.00, Marshalls = $7.00
Vintage Cheese Dome and platter - reg. retail = $20.00, Marshalls = $5.00
Set of 4 place mats - reg. retail = $8.00, Marshalls = $3.00
Triangle serving plate - reg retail = $7.99, Marshalls = .70 cents

My Grand Total Spent (including tax) was $25.11! Woohoo!

The triangle plate has a tiny chip in the side so it was marked down to .70 cents! I couldn't believe that. I had to search to figure out why it was marked down so much.

The Vintage cheese dome and platter is just the coolest! The dome is metal (a decent weight metal no less) and it has a ceramic platter.

And of course, I had to use everything that evening. Fortunately it cooled down nicely. I made BLT's, which I also added onions and sliced avocados to them and Troy re-named them as B.L.O.A.T. sandwiches (OYE!). Here is a picture:

Once again, I came away from my shopping trip very happy with my treasures! I had a lot of fun and want to give a big thanks to the folks at T.J.Maxx/Marshalls!

Next time you just need to have a little shopping adventure and want to cool off, check out T.J.Maxx or Marshalls and see what awesome deals you can find!


I was offered 2 gift certificates from the TJMaxx/Marshalls staff and was told to spend them on anything I wanted. The only thing they asked was that no matter what I got or how I enjoyed my experience, I would blog about it. This post is my honest opinion of my experience shopping. I am not being paid to offer this opinion.


  1. Hi Diann!
    You are right -- your Marshall's treasures would go beautifully with my Dollar Tree finds from today ... I may have to see if our local Marshall's has that tray with the shells on it!
    Thanks for visiting That Old House!

  2. you lucky did really good too!!


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