Make Something Monday

Today is "Make Something Monday" and I am going to make time. As you well know, if you follow this blog, that I post a lot of "free magazine" offers. And I love magazines. However, those suckers are seriously piling up!

Some of the free subscriptions I don't read. I subscribe to them to give to family or friends that I know would enjoy them. I am pretty good at keeping those together and dropping them off.

But, all the ones that I want to read? Starting to take over my house! Seriously, I could throw a slipcover over the stacks and turn them into a new piece of furniture!

Since we are at the end of the month, I have been trying to re-organize my time schedule (Yeah, I know...good luck right?!). I have decided to actually schedule some "me and my magazines" time. A couple of times a week I am going to grab a few magazines and something cool to drink and head out to the patio and just have some quiet time and go through some magazines. This will probably take place during "nap" time. And since I usually try to get a 101 things done during that time, these couple of days I am going to tell myself that it is okay to forgo the housework or whatever other mundane chore I was going to do and just take time to relax and enjoy a couple of hours going through magazines.

Have you found the same thing? Are you taking advantage of all the awesome free magazine subscriptions and then see them pile up as they arrive? It almost adds another level of stress to your life and that is crazy to allow.

I generally keep a pen and paper with me when I go through the magazines because I like to find little tidbits of info to either share here on this blog or just to use in my everyday life. And that to, is turning into little bits and pieces of papers everywhere, yet another stress. I found an old half used spiral notebook that is now my "Magazine tips and recipe" notebook. I am keeping it with the stack of magazines so I know where it is.

Once I am done with the magazine, it goes into the bag to giveaway. And like I said, I am actually pretty good at that part.

So, if you are like me, subscribed to all these awesome magazines and feel the stress of not getting around to reading them, join me in a little "Me and Magazine" time.

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  1. What great tips!

    Come check out my Make Something Monday as well:

  2. sounds great would love to have a bit of me and magazine time


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