Make-it-yourself -"To Go" Trays

Need to take a dozen or so cookies to a church function? How about cupcakes to a birthday party? There are many times you end up taking homemade goodies somewhere. And having to deal with trying to remember to get your tray or container back is a hassle. Half of my trays and pans are at different family or friends house's. Not to mention, it is also a pain for the person that you took the goodies to. They have to worry about washing the items and then finding the time to drop it off.

So, I started making "throw-away" to go containers. My favorite ones are from cereal boxes.

Tape the open end of the empty box closed. Take an exacto knife and cut the center of the box out. Use what ever you have on hand to cover the box. This picture has one box covered in construction paper and the other is left over wrapping paper. You can 'dress them up" if they are for a special occasion. I usually raid my scrapbook papers and accessories. You could use newspaper or even plain brown paper bag. Just wrap the box and tape down. Line it in aluminum foil, tissue paper, plastic wrap or use the plastic bag that was inside the cereal bag and cut it open use as a liner.

Simple, easy, inexpensive and your recycling.

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