It's been more than a month since we have had the chance to going camping. Our trailer has been sitting at the campground all lonely and forlorn. Okay, maybe it was us that were lonely and forlorn. LOL But, after a month of insane court appearances, meetings, appointments, jobs, projects around the house, we finally got the chance to steal away for a few days.

When we got up here (yes, I am writing this from the campground), I gave our trailer a big hug! LOL The campground is quiet. Only a few guests are here. Just the peace and quiet we were needing! We have pretty much had the beach area to ourselves whenever we go over for a swim. Ahhhhh, tranquility!

Although we are heading home today, we know after we get the meetings and appointments out of the way again, we are heading back up here. That gets us through some of the drudgery of everyday life.

We were so fortunate to find this little quiet campground. The cost of keeping our travel trailer here throughout the summer is so nominal. We would never have been able to "escape" as much as we have this year had it not been for finding this little gem. The monthly cost for staying here is the equivalent of 3 nights stay at a State Park! And the people who camp here and the people who run the campground are some of the nicest people we have ever met! We are so grateful for them and this campground. This is a summer in which we really needed to be able to escape from time to time.

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