Taking a few minutes and reflecting on what you have in your life that you are grateful for is a wonderful exercise. Generally we think about all the things we have to get done, have to pay, have to clean etc. But, every now and then you need to just grab your favorite beverage, sit out on the patio and think about all the positive things that you have.

Today, as I sat outside on our patio with a glass of fresh iced tea and a stack of magazines I have been dying to read, I also took a moment to think about what small things make me grateful today.

Here is a list in complete random order of my 10 grateful things for the day:

** Troy's court case will be done tomorrow. Good or bad. Fair or unfair. It is done and we can move on.

** Having such a great relationship with my parents. Knowing I would actually "choose" them as friends if they weren't related to me.

** Watching how quickly our little princess learns things. And the pleasure it gives her to accomplish something she sets out to do.

** Participating in a free diaper testing!

** Knowing I have incredible resources available to me to pull strength from.

** Being able to catch up on some of my favorite TV shows that I missed online whenever I have time.

** Knowing Troy likes the "Superman" summer pj's I bought him.(oh and that they make me smile whenever he wears them!)

** Central Air

** That my mom buys very good quality curtains and matching bed linens and gets bored with them quickly (so, I get them!)

** Changing my toe nail polish to match my outfit and getting to show it off with pretty sandals.


  1. so many things seem like they are going on in your life I pray that they all turn out great for you

  2. Thank you shopannies! I feel that everything we have gone through and everything we are going through is a journey to new and better purposes. And thank you for your prayers (they are greatly appreciated!)


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