10 things am I grateful for today?

** I stuck to my guns yesterday and finished all the laundry...even put it all away!

** The Princess took a long nap today.

** My umbrella stroller that I won arrived today.

** I have a huge stockpile of books to read that are all calling my name!

** My husband loves me unconditionally

** It has been a beautiful day and not too warm so I could have the windows open

** My bills are current

** Hubby surprised me with a bag of Brach's Bridge Mix

** The Little Princess woke me up with a huge smile and several kisses

** The strength of my spirituality and how it gets me through so many things!


  1. What a blessing to know that your Husband loves you unconditionally. Hold firm to that knowledge.

  2. Sarah,
    Thank you and you are right, it is a huge blessing and something I never take for granted!


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