Food Storage Recipe

So, you think you can only make simple meals from food storage? Everyone thinks of food storage as bins of grains and powdered items. And yes, if you are smart and serious about having a truly well stocked food storage, then you should automatically have these basics and simple necessities. But, don't forget the fun things and the things that can make hard and difficult times a little better.

How about some fun and tasty appetizers? Someone is coming over and you only have a few minutes to try to whip us some finger food treats to serve? Here is a tasty one! And remember, everything here is shelf stable and can be bought on sale or even gotten free if you grab the coupons!

Buffalo Chicken Bites

a can of white chicken
1 Tbs mayo
hot pepper sauce
blue cheese dressing (about one TBS)

Add enough dressing to give it a creamy texture but, not soupy. And I like to gently stir everything together so as to not totally lose all the chunks in the chicken.
Scoop dollops onto crackers (you can garnish with something like seasoning salt or paprika to give it a splash of color)


  1. Or you could garnish with fresh herbs from your garden.
    (Or dried herbs from your pantry, grown from last years garden. But fresh would be prettier.)

    A small sprig of savory, plucked from the tender leaves right at the end of the branch would be good, or a very small sprig of rosemary. (Rosemary gets tough, so you would want to make sure and just use the tender young shoots.)

    Of course, some fresh parsley, or cilantro, or even a frond of dill or fennel would also look great.

    I hope that this year at the end of the growing season, we can take some herbs inside, so we can have fresh herbs all winter long to garnish with.

  2. Troy, me too! I hope we can keep a small herb garden going inside all winter.

    Diann :)


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