Food Storage Recipe

People think that food storage (stockpiling, pantry etc) is just emergency food. It's not and it should not be treated as such. First of all, you need to rotate your food. Even if you just have one cabinet food of food, you need to rotate it out and use the oldest before grabbing a newer package of something.

Food storage is not "rations". You are not living an episode of M.A.S.H or something. You are just keeping a well stocked pantry to save your family money and time. Yes time! Isn't it easier to "shop out of your pantry" than having to run to the store in which you are going to probably spend more than you had hoped to spend in the first place? And doesn't that lead to thoughts of ,"Well great, it would just be cheaper to pick something up from a fast food place then to spend all that money at the grocery store and then still have to go home and cook it!"

Been there! Done that!

So, keeping a food storage is just a simplification for your life. It isn't a burden. That is why I try to tell you about really good deals and when to stock up on items that will cost you little to nothing. Saving you and your family money and massive headaches is what I am all about! LOL

So, here is one of our families favorite food storage desserts.

Rice pudding:

6 cups of cooked rice
1 can of milk (this doesn't even taste as good if you use fresh milk. The can milk is WAY richer!)
1/2 tsp Cinnamon
1 Tbs vanilla
1/2 cup brown sugar
and extras (we love raisins, flaked coconut, dried pineapple, dried cherries....okay pretty much any dried fruit!)
Stir all of it together and pour into a baking dish. Bake at 375 degrees for about 40 minutes. you can check it and when the tops starts to get golden and bubbly, it's done!

You can even get creative and use things like cocoa for a chocolaty pudding or add some chocolate chips for a really "I gotta have CHOCOLATE now!!" need (yes, I consider that a "need" from time to time!). You can add nuts or different flavorings (I really like to add maple flavoring once in awhile). But, the point is all of these items are shelf stable and should be in your food storage. most of these items go on sale fairly regularly.

After Christmas is a great time to stock up on a lot of these baking needs and don't forget after holiday clearances on holiday candy. I rarely actually have chocolate chips in the house. I chop up Kisses or whatever other holiday chocolate candy I get for super cheap.


  1. You will be happy to know that I do this! Have you passed out yet? I actually have an excel list that has all the standards and the desired quantity (usually the qty that Kroger has sales for) when I do a major shop I print out my list and compare. Then stock up.

  2. Nicole! Holy Cow! I am so proud of you! LOL


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