I know a lot of the people don't do the whole coupon game because it can seems very overwhelming. There are also a LOT of great blogs in the blogoshere that do a fantastic job of running down and matching up coupons with all the store sales out there. so, I don't tread into those waters too much. I follow those bloggers with a keen eye and my coupons at the ready, I just don't post about it very often. However, I want my reader's to see how simple a little couponing can be and what a great reward it can be. So, today I am giving all the "non-couponers" a simple task. I want you to have some free Crystal light "to go" packets in your cabinet and I want you to have them for free! Yup, FREE!

I posted about this particular freebie back on this post. But, I am going to show you again a really quick and easy way to get some things to stock up your panty for free. Today is going to be Crystal Light. I love their pink lemonade and so that is what I get.

If you go HERE print off a couple of coupons for $1.00 off Crystal light or if the $2.00 off 2 coupon shows up, print a couple of those. Now take those coupons to Target. In the area by the registers where they have all the different little food items, there are packages of Crystal Light "To go" 3 packs. They are .99 at most Targets. Use your coupons and they come out free! You can't beat free! so, stock up. There is no limit. However, the coupons do have a print limit so, sometimes you can get 2 or 3 coupons a day several times a week. That's it! You have free Crystal Light!

Going through the link I posted for the coupons, a wonderful blogger should get credit for you printing them off. Deal Seeking Mom is a fantastic blogger with all kinds of great money saving ideas. She helps all of us out with great bargains, so hopefully we can help her out with some credit!

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