We are camping again!

Here we are, camping again for another week. We were here for a week and then went home for a week and are now back. It was so nice to come back here and not have to haul our trailer with us. Instead, it was all ready for us when we got here. That also saved us over 50% on gas.

This past week was a major "bill-paying" week. So, how did we manage to go camping again? Well, let me tell you....

First off, Hubby and I took several extra jobs the week we were home (we do secret shops, merchandising and audits for a lot of different companies). So, not only did we earn some extra money, we chose certain shops that would help benefit us for our camping trip.

Troy (hubby) took quite a few secret gas station shops. Not only did he get paid for each shop but, he got reinbursed for buying a certain amount of gas and something for a $1.00 or $2.00 for the gas station store. When he does a lot of these shops, he generally takes a couple of gas cans with him so that he can fill those up. He also kept in mind that we would be going camping so the purchases made in the store were little things that we would take with us (Hotdog buns, 2 liter of pop, charcoal lighter, bottled water etc.)

I did a couple of shops at some hardware stores and got a case of bottled water, box of wooden matches, and some latches for cabinets. I got paid and reimbursed for 90% of the money I spent.

We also did a couple of grocery store shops and picked up the items to take with us camping. Once again, paid and reimbursed.

Troy also did a secret shop at a oil change place and got our trucks' oil changed for free plus got paid.

And I did a retail general store secret shop and I got some citronella candles. Reimbursed and paid.

We were also able to get some shops in the area we are camping, so we will actually work a couple of days while we are here.

I had taken home the water bottles that I used on the last camping trip and refilled them and brought them back with us.

I made several jugs of lemonade and iced tea at home to take camping.

I shopped out of my pantry for all the food we will need.

I made fire starters while I was home (pinecones dipped in left over candle wax and empty toilet rolls/paper towel rolls packed tightly with dry lint.

Baked some snacks and pancakes at home. Froze them and brought them with us.

I also listed a ton of books on Ebay before I left. Okay, so that wasn't money that we have for the trip but, it will be money we have when we get home.

We took a few larger baby items that we no longer needed and sold them at the resale shop.

So, as you can see, we try to do whatever we can to make things work for us. We aren't exactly the most conventional couple, but we do like to have fun and are willing to work for it!

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