USDA 2009 Food Cost

Wow! I am totally shocked at what the government has deemed the cost of food per person or per family. They break it down into categories. You have the "Thrifty plan", "Low Cost plan", Moderate Cost Plan" and the "Liberal Cost plan"

Well, apparently, we are below thrifty. I was so surprised at the averages. I guess I didn't realize how much I really bargain shop, use coupons and don't buy many quick fix type of meals.

For our family of 3, according to the USDA, on the thrifty plan, we should be spending about $95.00 a week on groceries! Holy cow! If I had $95.00 a week to buy groceries I would think I was some big spender! And that is for the lowest, cheapest calculations!

I have to say, I really am stunned and quite frankly, seriously patting myself on the back!

I am also an odd duck because I don't really go "grocery shopping-shopping" weekly. I match up coupons to Loss Leaders and stock up. I buy price reduced meats. I shop at outlets bakeries and freight damaged stores. I shop at places like Aldis and Sav-a-Lot, I buy clearanced food items. I shop in the food aisles at Big Lot.

I do buy fresh fruit and veggies every two weeks. But, I generally only buy what ever fresh produce is in season and is the lowest price at the time. I definitely shop around to get the best deals on those items as well.

As far as dairy products, I stock up when they go on sale. I always have a couple of gallons of milk in the freezer. Cheese lasts a very long time in the fridge. Cottage cheese and sour cream also have a pretty decent freshness time span.

I always check out the dented or reduced for quick sale items. If it is something that is going to go bad quickly, I make sure to use it up as soon as possible.

I rarely have any prepackaged convenience meal type food around. And if I buy snacks they have got to be free (after coupon) or super, and I mean super cheap!

Am I the only one that lives under the "Thrifty Level"? Please tell me I am not alone! LOL

Check out the USDA site HERE and see where you and your family rank in food cost.

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