Tuesday Tips

Thrifty camping tips

*Bring heavy duty aluminum foil not the cheapo stuff.

*Save all your samples of toothpaste, shampoo, gels etc and put them in those freebie bags I talked about earlier this month. As you collect more free samples, start making each member of the family their own "shower bag".

*If you are not used to hard water, remember most campgrounds have well water and it will dry out your skin big time. Bring moisturizing lotion.

*Save you plastic grocery bags. They come in handy for a gazillion different uses while camping.

*Wet wipes! Wet wipe! Wet wipes! (or keep a clean wet washcloth in a ziplock baggie)handy at all times.

*Those plastic Lays "Stax" chip canister come in very handy. Keep one filled with soapy water and as utensils are used, have people drop them in there when done. This s especially handy if you tent camping. They are also good for holding the long matches to keep them dry.

*Bring jugs of water from home. Different waters can upset your stomach and it’s nice to have water that you are used to.

* Get several cheap rugs to place outside of your tent or camper. It will help you keep a lot of dirt out.

* Never leave home without a pair of pliers, hammer, duct tape, a tarp,a flashlight, a rope (nylon rope is best) a regular screwdriver and a Phillips head screwdriver.

* Take some of your kids favorite toys. Do not let them know you brought them. If you have a rainy day, pull them out.

* At camp, look for flat rocks to place around your firepit so you can set a pan down on something level.( a good activity for the kids to do while you are setting up camp)

* Empty pill bottles are good as waterproof containers for wooden matches.

* Milk jugs filled with water, dirt or rocks will help weigh down tarps or set on the ends of a picnic table to keep your tablecloth from flying away.

* Throw away pie tins make good paperplate holders.

* Empty toilet paper rolls or paper towel cardboard rolls stuffed with dryer lint make a good fire starter. (pack tight)

* Empty plastic containers (butter bowl, sour cream container, cottage cheese container etc.) are fun for the kids to play with at the beach. They make different size sand castles too.

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