Throw Out Fifty Things!

Laura over at Organizing Junkie has thrown down the gauntlet and offers up a challenge for this month! Throw Out Fifty Things!. Yup, you read that correctly! Throw out 50 things. Does that freak you out a little? It does seem overwhelming when you first read it.

Let's break it down a little. First off "throw out" doesn't necessarily mean literally throw out. You can donate it or take your items to a recycling center but, GET RID OF 50 THINGS!

Still a little shaky over this idea? Well then let me ask you this...What about that stack of papers (statements, etc.) that really need to be shredded and thrown away? I'll bet you have close to 50 of them don't you? What are you waiting for? Go shred all that clutter and throw it out!

How about all those old t-shirts that you know you are never going to wear again (or hubby or kids are never going to wear)? Get rid of them now!

Do you have a kitchen cabinet that is totally overflowing with saved containers for leftovers? Do you dread opening the door to that cabinet? Take them all out. Go through them and neatly stack what will fit in your space and throw the rest out! You are always going to get more of these containers. I know, I say save and reuse these items. And I still mean that. However, I never want these types of items to be a clutter mess and a burden. Keep and use what you can but, if they overwhelm you to the point of dreading to even approach that cabinet, you need to de-clutter it!

Now are you seeing how easy 50 things can be taken out of your house? Not so bad is it? The point is "un-burden yourself". Life is too short to have to continually re-clean, re-organize stuff that you really don't need or want.

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  1. I'm all about getting rid of things that I don't use. I have over 50 items already. All this spring cleaning makes me want to declutter and give to someone else who can use it, it's not doing my family any good if it's just taking up space. Great post!

  2. Amen sista! Love your last paragraph!


  3. Bonnie,
    That's how I feel. If it isn't make me or my family happy, I would be thrilled to know I was able to help a difference for someone else. It's a good feeling to think of another family using that item and getting enjoyment out ot it!

  4. Laura,
    {{Humbly bowing}}. I love this challenge! It actually fits right in with my post I have had scheduled for tomorrow. Thank you for challenging us!

  5. I am convinced that by letting go we can be more frugal and save money. Good luck on the 50 thing mission! Diann gave some great examples.

  6. Thanks Carolyn! I totally agree. I just posted yesterday on the "Motivate Me Monday" post how getting rid of our clutter can benefit others. Here is the post


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